Embarking on a journey with Syntio promises more than just a career.

Beyond the cutting-edge tech stacks and the opportunity to work with some of the top data experts in the industry, you will become a part of a workplace culture that values both professional and personal growth.

Do we seem like the right fit?  Join us!

Syntio was founded 7 years ago by cloud’s early adopters who realised that the current status quo in the industry was just not going to cut it. We’ve now grown to over a 100 employees and have spread into numerous industry sectors (telco, pharma, logistics, retail, finance), with many more to come. Our Syntians attained well over a 100 various certificates across GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Apache Airflow and Python. We don’t just deliver solutions to our customers, we give them the knowledge needed to further improve their data environments in the future.



No stone should be left unturned. Neither should any details when discussing a solution.


A key when combining well-established standards, with your own ideas.


With everything we do, we prioritize our global impact. Since working with cloud technologies is one of the key features for creating a sustainable business process, we ensure the services provided align with the ESG strategies of our clients.


We always try to tackle a problem together, whether it’s with our client or with other Syntians. There is always power in collaboration and we believe it’s better to work WITH you than FOR you.


You can learn all about the benefits of working with us by reading the job descriptions of the particular roles. Here are just a few that you wouldn’t usually find somewhere else:

Syntio bikes available at our garage and free underground parking for your bike

Courses at the Power Business School

Access to Syntios extensive library consisting of numerous industry-related books, magazines and other reading materials

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How long is the recruitment process?

Depending on the position, but somewhere from two weeks to a month.

Do you offer hybrid working?

Yes, the employees can work in a flexible hybrid way. The employees are encouraged to try and work one to two days from the office, but we understand sometimes circumstances don’t allow for that, in which case those details can easily be smoothed out with your team.

I have never worked with any of the three major cloud providers before. Can I still apply?

Yes! The idea isn’t for everyone coming to the company to have a cloud background. If you have the capabilities to understand working with relational databases, SQL, DevOps, Software Engineering and a basic understanding of how the cloud works, you’ll easily leverage the cloud services necessary for your day-to-day.

What to include in my application?

Being a Data Engineer at any level implies knowledge against a wide plethora of tools and services. Any relevant information regarding not just data, but developing code or project/team management in general, can be of great value when applying.
Don’t undersell yourself!

When can I expect a hear back after the interview?

You should hear from us in the first week, but in most cases its about three to four days.


„The thing I like most about Syntio is the healthy work environment and the open communication between all the employees. At any point, if you have any technical, or for that matter even just personal problems, there’s always a team of people who will go out of their way to help you and stand behind you. Really makes you feel like you’re not just an employee, but also part of a healthy community.“


Dominik Kos,

“I enjoy being part of Syntio because I feel valued for my contributions. I’m gratified that my skills are acknowledged in various domains, including technology and teamwork achievements. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to grow in multiple areas without compromising my personal time. By aligning with my individual progress and career aspirations, I find a sense of belonging in the workplace that motivates me to excel and evolve. I’m pleased that there’s not an overly rigid hierarchy, and I admire how management prioritizes good interpersonal dynamics and fosters a positive work environment.”


Sonja Papes,

“Working at Syntio is awesome because we really push the limits on what we’re able to achieve. It’s the kind of work that makes you better at what you do because you’re always learning something new. Apart from that, we’re also given the chance to dig into what we’re passionate about. Whether it’s diving deeper into technical stuff or learning about the business side of things. It’s pretty cool to work somewhere that not only aims to be the best in the business but also really cares about making sure we all have the chance to grow and specialize in what interests us. Makes coming to work every day a lot more interesting and rewarding.”


Ivan Čeliković,


Haven’t found a role you feel is perfectly suited for you? Think you can bring something else to the table that we might need? Send us your CV and Cover Letter to and we’ll see if we can make it work!

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